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Qualified Logistics Services

In the field of conventional logistics - empowered by our professional management approach - we offer solutions that create value for our customers' supply chain needs.

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Our Business Model

As Vavien Logistics, we have adopted a business model that makes a great difference in the sector. We meet the variable and dynamic logistics service demands of our business partners within the framework of our professional management approach and focus on establishing long-term cooperation with our customers.

Our Experience

We take care of our customers to work with a meticulously designed logistics model in the international trade equation. With our professional management team with over 100 years of accumulated team experience in the logistics industry, we reflect all our technical knowledge and experience to our business processes.  We follow global logistics trends closely and try to predict the changes that may occur in the industry.

Our Strategic Perspective
We closely follow developments in the local and international logistics sector and develop up-to-date strategies in line with our customers' needs and supply chain priorities. 

We periodically evaluate the impact of global foreign trade trends of the logistics industry and observe its potential effects on our customers' business models.

Our Values

We have an understanding of perfection in our services with our ethical values that we adhere to. Our ethical values adopt the understanding of honesty and quality; we demonstrate this with our work, the customer services we offer, our breakthroughs in being a leader, and most importantly, our expert staff working with us. Because our experience is our strength.

Our aim is to support the success of our customers, to contribute to their goals, to be with them in their journey of growth. Our most important mission is not only to do our job in the best way, but also to contribute to society and nature, take responsibility for their protection. We pay attention to the management of the logistics sector within the framework of global sustainability themes.

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Vavien Logistics is your solution partner in marine shipments with its experienced staff and strong partners, providing top-notch service to the whole world. 


We offer fast, high quality and feasible solutions for your maritime exports and imports while adopting the principle of broad and customer-oriented thinking.


Vavien Logistics provides reliable services from door to door, port to door, door to port, port to port scenarios.



We are your committed partner in the air freight segment with our experienced staff and service suppliers, providing seamless service across the globe with advanced air freight services. 


Vavien Logistics offers you fast, high quality and feasible solutions with its air freight operations assisting your fast-pace solution needs while adopting the principles for customer-oriented thinking.



Empowered with our inter-modal transportation philosophy, Vavien Logistics is your reliable solution partner for road transportation that meets all your logistics needs accross Europe instantly and with feasible solutions.

  • Strong service and vehicle supply to every point of Europe

  • European transports with private minivan vehicles

  • Transports requiring special equipment permits and vehicle types


Express Transportation


As Vavien, we safely transport your Express courier shipments to all parts of the world with the services of global cargo companies DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, and we manage the operation up to the delivery process flawlessly. 

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